I just find out that everything here is changed since I use it last year. I used to spent all my nights on We Heart It and I loved it because it gave and still give me a lot of ways to express my feelings. I'm a tv series addicted, I like stay at home to read books but at the same time I like spent nights out with friends too, around the city where I'm always looking for the next adventure behind the corner.

This are a few of my collections about my crushes:

My name is Giovanni, I'm 20 and I live in London, I like to share my life for what it is, also If sometimes I like add things just to make it more adventures, you gonna think that I'm a liar, but I call myself a dreamer, If sometimes you feel like you need someone to talk to I'm here, and tbh I like hear stories, especially If they are all different.

See you soon!