Hi everyone!❤️ This a tag about my favorite boys 5 Seconds of Summer. This band did so much for me. They helped me through a time that I felt really depressed and had a lot of anxiety. They still help me every day!

Who is your favorite member?

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My sunshine Michael Clifford ❤️✨

How did you find out about them?
I think I was listening to MTV one day and good girls was on I fell in love in one second.

How long are you in the 5sos Fam?
I'm in it for like 4 years now and I love it.

What is your favorite song?
Wauw this is a really hard question I love all of their songs. If I really have to choose I think it will be 'wrapped around your finger', Disconnected. And from Sounds good feels good it will be San Francisco and Jet Black Heart. (Omg it's so hard to make a choose)

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What 5sos merch / other stuff do you have?
I got the 'Clifford 95' shirt, two tanktops, a Pj pants, a Michael Clifford pillow, I got the Sounds Good Feels Good Lp, posters, the DVD and 2 books. (Update The Youngblood clear LP, the white with pink shirt and the white Youngblood sweater)

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(Girl in the picture is not me!!)

Ever saw them live?
Well I almost got tickets for Amsterdam (Update I FREAKING GOT TICKETS TO SEE THEM 5 NOVEMBER!)

Ever thought about a lyric/ other 5sos tattoo?
Yesss I still do. But I think my parents will kill me if I do that. (Update I got a Youngblood tattoo on my arm, the meaning behind it is a long story maybe I will share it later)

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Are you excited for 5sos3?
Hell yes I am. I'm so obsessed with Want you back and all the other new songs. (Which we need a studio version from!) (Update I freaking love the album!!)

Describe them in one word
Amazing! ❤️

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I hope you all like this article. Love you all and stay beautiful. 😍

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