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Everyone of us has been even once on school. Some of us are still writing their homework for tomorrow. We learn tons of stuff from school. And most of the times we don't need this stuff.

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Today I had to help my little borther with his homework. And I was like:

Wow, I don't even remember we were learning this things!

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The point is that we are learning tons of things, I mean TONS of useless stuff. But there are a few things that we will never learn in school, and still they are important for your life.

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⑴ You are not a failure!

Our system makes us feel like a failure a lot of times. Everyone is studying the same things with the same teacher so thats why everyone should be doing the same


Let me give you an example. You have a monkey and a fish. One teacher teachs them to the same things. On the exam they have to climb a tree. Is the fish an failure? Of course no, it had no chance because the exam doesn't fit into her abilities. Same goes to the students. We all have different abilities. We can't do good with everything. If you don't pass your exam, don't think you're a failure. I'm sure you're good in other things. Keep this in mind.

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⑵ How to use your mind, not your brain.

Again you learn all this stuff in school - numbers, letters, chapters. The exam passes and you don't remember anything.You know how to write, you know all this rules for correct writing, but you can't write anything alone. Using your mind is a way different that using your brain. You need to know that it's okay to have one passion different from learning, and to give your time to it. You need to know that it's okay to be stressed out, to feel tired and to need rest. Give your attention to learning to use your mind, not your brain, because no one will learn you. You should learn yourself alone. You should learn how to think, not to remember. You don't need to be a nerd you need to be a human!

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⑶ Prepare yourself for the Future.

They all say to us:

One day you will miss school, then you will miss college but you will have to work anyway.

Why? Why should I be afraid for my future? Why should I miss my past? Oh yeah, maybe because I should learn myself to all of the important things ALONE. After all this years of learning, no one will learn me how to be prepared for the Future. I should prepare myself alone, because all the numbers in Math, can't pay my electricity bill.

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And for your pitty, this subject is "LIFE".
Thank you for reading my article! In the nearest future I will post my second part. There I will post one video which will show you the truth about school. If you liked the first one I will be happy if you heart it.
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I think this song sums up the things perfect. If you agree with me just hear it. Even if you think that I'm not right, maybe this song will change your mind. #dontstayinschool.
In conclusion, I want to say that I don't force anyone to stop liking school. Yes you need to learn in school to find a job in the Future, but still in my opinion there are a lot of things we should learn in there, but we don't.
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