As you guys really liked my article about outfit inspirations for winter I thought that I could write an article for spring. I don´t know how many articles I already wrote about spring, but I simply love this season. And finaly soon it´s warm enough to wear all the clothes I had to hide in my closet. But let´s get started, maybe I can inspire you:)


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Temporarily removed spring outfits and oversized jacket image accessories, dress, and fashion image fashion image

Anything with flowers

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Light jackets

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Ballet flats

ballerina, ballet flats, and chic image bag, ballet flats, and bow image ballerina, ballet flats, and shoes image background, ballet flats, and grass image

Pastel bags

bags, boots, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and style image pink, bag, and backpack image bags, grey, and pink image

Ankle boots

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So that´s it. Now I´m even more looking forward to put on my spring clothes. And I hope you too :)

Stay safe and have a nice day!
Yours Sylvia