Good Morning/ Afternoon,
So after debating back and forth on whether I would jump on the bandwagon of WHI Articles, I finally decided I would give it a try.To be honest I haven't written since middle school but I did miss the release it gave.
So without further ado, I give you beautiful people a little tease about me and hopefully my future articles and challenges keep you all entertained or inspire you to start your own WHI Article Journey.

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1. My name is Kamrie, but I go by Kam, Kae or Kam-Bam by my family (not sure why lol). I prefer Kam or Kae but will answer to any.
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2. I'm a Pisces born February 20th, 1996
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3. I live in Northern Ohio, but I was born in Arcadia, Florida.
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4. I'm single and not openly looking but who knows
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5. I love to travel and hope to be able to travel the world soon
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6. I currently work for my County as a Admin Secretary. I like my job but I can't wait to switch careers and do something I love...
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7. My dream job is to be a Flight Attendant or Traveling blogger. Whichever comes first lol. -- Shoutout to @iceecrazie for the first image here. Make sure to follow her page on IG @craziewanderer
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8. I smoke
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9. I just got my first car by myself on my birthday (2-20) Ironically its a Toyota Camry - My names Kamrie!
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10. My favorite colors are Green, Blue and Red
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11. I absolutely LOVE fruit. Particularly Strawberries and honeydew but anything fruity or colorful is hard for me to resist. Tea and water are my go tos.
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12. I have 7 siblings; only 2 of them are full siblings.(All together 2 boys and 5 girls)
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13. Im curvy. All the women in my family have 'baby-bearing' hips. I got blessed with those and large breasts. *dramatic sigh

Well darlins' that's all I have for now. Even though it was only 13 facts about me it was a fun article to write and it was actually kinda hard finding the right pictures that I thought would look good for each fact. For my first article Im satisfied and I hope you liked it.

If you guys/ gals have any challenges or anything y'all want me to make an article on just send me a message. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Have an amazing rest of your day, Loves and thank you for checking out my first WHIChallenge Article!