Paris girls: loves pastries and sunsets, romanticizes everything, obsessed with bands, genuinely kind, in an existential crisis, keeps a diary, can be aloof

Tokyo girls: amazingly stylish, loves studio ghibli films, minimalists, good at giving advice, loves skincare and makeup, appears confident, takes naps, daydreams a lot

New York girls: passionate about their opinions, tall, eyebrows on point, interested in film and art, will ask you if you’re ok if you look sad, wise beyond their years

London girls: has short hair, loves coffee and stripes, can make anyone laugh, hardworking when they feel like it, can be easily anxious, likes creative hobbies

Sydney girls: loves beaches and nature, down to earth, prefers comfy clothes, easily distracted, always down to hang out, excited about the stars, easy to talk to

Berlin girls: talented in science, has high ambitions, easily jealous, loves collecting quotes, acts strong, always there for their friends, really likes flowers or sweet food

creditos: sundivers-via instagram
pd: if you see this i'm in love with your publications <3

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