We are in a period when we begin to go on holiday because the summer comes. I even I leave in a 1 week and I always wonder how I should get dressed to take the plane. If I have to get dressed in a comfortable way? Elegant? etc...Thus I decided to group here some ideas of dresses of which we can be inspired.

Simple & comfortable

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Sports look

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So chic

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In case we would meet stars. You never can tell.

Free legs

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Imagine more than 10 hours of plane with a dress where you cannot sit down even as you want.


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It is true that it is not really uncomfortable, but if it is tightned, it's horrible.

The worst, the high heels

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We know it all that bursts feet, I shall not absolutely can.

NB: It is also necessary to get dressed according to the temperatures and because in the plane it is often cold.