hi dad, i'm writting you this post as a letter because we're not on good terms again. we both know how this goes, we've been over this once before: we're all good, then you get mad, you manipulate me into thinking i did something wrong then you don't want to see and hear us then we call you to ask if we can talk again then we fight some more and make up, things are weird for a while then we're all good again, trying our best to not bring up the past.... well that usually lasts until our next big fight. so now that we're not talking again i just wanted to share some of my feeling and thoughts with you. i have mixed feelings about you, i love you and respect you and that will never ever change but i also hate you and the way you treat me and i f*cking hate that you can manipalate me into thinking it's all my fault and you should be ashamed of yourself because i'm fucking disgusted that you're doing even even tho you know how emotional i get and depressed even suicidal.. but maybe a part of you wants me dead so you can blame it on my mom.
on one side i'm trying my best to understand you, your position and your view but you not once put yourself in my shoes. you not once thought of how i would feel or how's that gonna effect me. i know it's hard for you, after all you're alone and we're here now living with mom's new husband and i wish you had someone in your life too, someone good for you.
your friend, hahah you know who i'm talking about, the one who does this too you, i'm begging you again to let her go. and to everyone reading this public letter no, this friend is not his lover she's his worst enemy that uses him to get closer to her goal, well i have a story to tell you in order to make you understand this but i promise i'll keep it short.
love you and take care