"The Soft Skills Society" is an exuberant ensemble comedy about The Soft Skills Society class of 2018: a diverse group of socially-incompetent (but loveable) students all seeking to improve their "getting along with people" game. As we watch them struggle to shed old behaviors and adopt new ways of relating to people, we're offered insight into the often-painful - but also, hilarious - world of self-improvement. Run by its founder and aspiring self-help guru, Jeff Wetherby, this 11-step masterclass has one notable difference from similar programs: students go on "field trips" to apply the skills they learn in class. From communication to storytelling, and from mindfulness to giving and receiving feedback - our goofy gang struggles to understand, apply, and adopt these foreign skills. A for effort, right?

You can watch the trailer here via YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF63gOFq2tg

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