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For this article, I am doing the ‘My Name In Personalities’ tag; which is pretty obvious. Kara has tagged me to do this challenge, which is where you take each letter of your name/nickname and describe your personality with a word starting with that letter. To get a better idea, check out Kara’s article here:


I will be using my nickname Trish. Let’s get started!
(You may think some may not fit me and honestly...same here! 😂)


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
holding tightly onto something, or keeping an opinion in a determined way, persistent


Mature image black and white and girl image
slow to show, and does not talk about, emotion or opinions


girl, eyes, and beauty image Temporarily removed
perfectly clean, neat and tidy; perfect and without mistakes (I’m definitely not the second one 😂)


girl, hair, and summer image beach, friends, and girl image
using sarcasm: use of remarks that clearly mean the opposite of what someone says in a mocking way


girl, black and white, and style image girl, summer, and sea image
giving cheer, spirit or courage

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n u r i j a ♡
n u r i j a ♡
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ʟʏᴅs ✩
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