In Life not everything is going to be easy..

You have to go through the worst to get to the best, they say.
But when will this part end?
what should I do, to get to the ''best part''?

Sometimes when you have one problem (It doesn't matter what kind of problem you have, since everybody struggles with different things..)
you either find a solution and it gets better, or another bad thing happens over the other..
So to keep things clear, it started with a small tiny thing and ended up in this big ass thing so you have no idea whats going on..

Ok there are bigger Problems in this World, I know, We all should know...
but it doesn't matter because, Me, You, They, We're all just humans right? we have feelings..
If you have no Money, its a Problem for you
If you fall in love and think you will marry that person and then yall break up, thats a Problem for you.
If you have no friends and you feel lonely and get depressed, you see it as a Problem..

thats your defenition of a ''Problem'' and thats fine..
never laugh at somebodys struggles because you might have bigger ones. No you don't. Never compare anything to anybody..
Don't even compare at all..

Just learn, that everyone has to start somwhere, so you can reach ''the best part''
Learn to accept things first.
don't be negativ. Don't say this or that will not Work. It will work but you have to want it.

Don't be afraid.
Accept things. Let it go. and Keep on.

At this point in my Life I feel lonely, thats right.
I have no friends, or not as much as others, but thats fine.. but all I can say is, I'm a good person with flaws.. I work for my shit and my Family comes first..

I guess on my road right now I'm not at my worst part but on the part where everything is getting better, if i look 1 year behind me.. a lot changed, I changed.

If you want it, you will get it