»a two am dreamer or a sound sleeper

girl, model, and aesthetic image Image by 🥀🍃
two am dreamer

»reckless or reliable

barefoot, brunette, and building image Temporarily removed

»a garden grower or a forest explorer

forrest and grey image Temporarily removed
forest explorer

»a newspaper or a colouring book

aesthetic, newspaper, and spiderman image coffee, morning, and iphone image

»the astronaut or the moonchild

moon, night, and wallpaper image moon, space, and stars image

»young at heart or an old soul

book, vintage, and aesthetic image girl, book, and aesthetic image
an old soul

»a romantic or a realist

Temporarily removed Image by sαяα🥀

»a cloud gazer or a star chaser

clouds, sky, and travel image Temporarily removed
a cloud gazer

»a mountain or an ocean

moon, mountains, and nature image beautiful, green, and mountain image
a mountain

»the artist or the muse

art, girl, and paint image art, paint, and painting image
the artist

By heart I love or choose...

»sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

sailing, sea, and sunset image Temporarily removed
sailing at sunrise

»flying to the moon or swimming to atlantis

dolphin, ocean, and black and white image black and white, water, and sea image
swimming to atlantis

»polaroud pictures or hand-written letters

letters and photography image Image removed
hand-written letters

»barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in paris

Temporarily removed nature and forest image
barefoot adventures in the jungle

»summer nights or city lights

Temporarily removed sky, summer, and sunset image
summer nights

»paintings or poems

Temporarily removed girl, art, and museum image

»rainy days or stormy nights

rain, window, and photography image Temporarily removed
rainy days

»vintage postcards or antique telescopes

letters, vintage, and Letter image Temporarily removed
vintage postcards

»constellations or conversations

Image by sαяα🥀 girl, beauty, and eyes image

»déjà vu or nostalgia

girl, model, and black and white image girl, black and white, and hair image

it took me a while, hope you like it :)