Hello again,

I thought I'd make a list of my favorite songs (in no particular order) I've heard so far this year. They didn't all necessarily come out this year but I've heard them for the first time this year. Hope you guys enjoy some of these and find some new songs to add to your playlists.

J-Boy // Phoenix
Baseball // Hippo Campus
Drag // Day Wave
Dizzy on the Comedown // Turnover
Stars // Future Generations
Super Natural // Turnover
We're Not Just Friends // Parks, Squares and Alleys
Total Zombie // Day Wave
Greatest Fool // Geowulf
Elodie // Ten Fe
Wasting Time // Day Wave
Gone // Day Wave
You Won't Know Where You Stand // Aquilo
Finally Floating // Hinds
Lovefool // No Vacation
Ocean // flor
Slow Poison // The Bravery
The King And All Of His Men // Wolf Gang
Way It Goes // Hippo Campus
Don't Take The Money // Bleachers

With love,

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