Menstrual pain can be anything, from actual physical pain to feeling emotionally unstable due to severe hormonal changes in your body. Here are 9 ways you can ease yourself during this time, or even when you just want to relax and unwind sometimes:

1. Drink warm beverages

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Drinking warm beverages helps sooth and relax your body. These beverages could be hot chocolate, different types of tea or even simple water. You can just grab a cup of any of these and sit down and relax in a chair while reading a book, a distraction is the best form of relieving this pain.
P.S: Consuming excess coffee during your period can be harmful and may make your symptoms severe.

2. Snuggle in your fluffiest blankets

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Warmth is very important when you're going through that time of the month because it helps relaxing your muscles. So grab as many of the softest blankets you have and cuddle in them while listening to some good music to pump your mood up!

3. Munch on some of your favorite treats

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Something that every girl loves when on her period is her favorite food, as mentioned earlier there are a lot of hormonal changes happening in your body thus getting food that gives you comfort will help numb the pain you're feeling because it releases the 'happy hormone" named endorphins. I personally love to munch on some really delicious variety of sushi ;)

4. Dress up

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I love to dress up and click some cute pictures when i'm feeling low because it helps boost my self-esteem and makes me feel confident. So go get out those dashing clothes of yours and slay it like a queen!

5. Spend some time at a spa

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A spa is a great place to be able to relax your overworked muscles and spend some alone time. Getting those aromas inhaled is a great way for your body to get some rest from all that work it's been doing.

6. Exercise

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Even though you might feel like your stomach is being ripped apart, working out can sometimes be extremely helpful as it also help release the 'happy hormone' which may even help your pain go away! It is a wonderful way to channel your time into something productive.

7. Entertain yourself

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This could be anything to keep yourself busy. Spending some time with your close friends or family is an excellent way to lighten your mood up. You can always pull up your laptop and watch new movies or tv shows, for suggestions to watch some of the best tv shows, you can refer to my previous article:

8. Drink plenty of water

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Drinking water decreases your chance of water retention during your period, and thus DOES NOT cause bloating, instead prevents it. Taking plenty of water is extremely beneficial, periods or no periods.

9. Sleep!

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Sleeping is an essential part to giving your body a break and recovery, it will help you to not feel any severe cramps and will also make you feel extremely fresh. Make sure you at least sleep for 8-9 hours otherwise you may feel very cranky :P

I really hope all of these tips helped and if it does, drop in a comment and let me know!
A combination of all these 9 ways will instantly help your period to become lesser painful. I hope you guys liked this!