Hi everyone! How are you? Sorry again for being absent these days. Today I bring you this article about some of the different types of styles that exist in fashion so let's get started!


1. B O H E M I A N
Lives their life in an unconventional way. Try to take care of the ecosystem and this is reflected in all their actions from shopping in the supermarket to their wardrobe. They don't follow fashion trends and get most of their inspiration from gypsies and hippies.

◌ Many layers of clothing but lightweight textile.
◌ Color blocks with neutral colors.
◌ Loose, comfortable and light clothing.
◌ Extravagant and wild patterns on exotic textures.
◌ Handmade accessories.

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2. U R B A N / / C A S U A L
They are very specific fashion, but sometimes can experiment with certain clothes. They would prefer a simple white shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with a modern bag.

◌ Beanies and sunglasses.
◌ Denim is a must.
◌ Ripped jeans.
◌ Sneakers or comfy boots.
◌ Localizated patterns
◌ Monochromatic or neutral palette.

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3. C L A S S Y
They have everything clear in their lives, they are people who have established values that they defend with conviction when is necessary.
Their wardrobe is built in basic clothes since it doesn't go out of fashion, but she takes great care of the quality of the clothes and their finish.

◌ Monochromatic or neutral palette.
◌ The quality and the confection of the clothes is important.
◌ Invests in classic and timeless clothing.
◌ They avoid tight clothes.

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4. S E X Y

The sexy style is about showing off your best features (legs, stomach, breasts) . They are extroverted and self-confident.

◌ Short and tight clothing.
◌ Bright and dark colors, black is essential.
◌ Glitters, lace, embroidery and See-through clothing.
◌ Gain the attention of every male around them.

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5. R O M A N T I C

They are warm, friendly and generate confidence. They are very feminine and delicate looking.

◌ Wear lightweight textiles.
◌ Light colors (their favorites are pink and white).
◌ Clothes with glitter and embroidery .
◌ Textiles with transparencies, lace or silk.

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So, that's it! If you want a second part about fashion styles, you can send me a message.
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