1. do a meet the artist

art, artist, and girl image cat, pizza, and 2017 image

2. draw from reference

3. realistic vs. abstract

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4. make fanart

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5. draw your favorite clothing piece

6. draw an animal

cat, art, and drawing image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

7. fill the whole page

art, arte, and creative image art, sea, and blue image

8. use a different medium (if you always use pencil, try paint, and so on ...)

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9. draw a random thing that's in your room

10. mix it up with a picture

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11. remake old art

12. just make a mess without caring

13. get inspiration from a quote

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14. draw something without lifting your pen

drawing, art, and draw image

15. do the "one marker challenge"

16. draw the same thing over and over and over and ...

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17. draw a stranger

19. draw a flower

Image removed flowers, art, and book image