You were an angel
Who walked around
With the realest smile.
Your lips so blue
And eyes so dry.
And pressure
So suffocating.
Your voice so fooling
It made me believe you
When you told me you are happy.
Little did I know about the fight
You had list night.
You tried to drown your
Pain in bottles.
But your pain took over.
Without a word.
Without a notice
You became an angel.
And after you let your body
Freely jump
How can we pick it up
In its full shape?
And after you closed your eyes
How can we open ours?
But don't you know angel?
Heaven doesn't take those
Who willingly crush their souls.
Angels help people,
They don't hurt them.
But you're an angel now.

- To my angel,
to never be forgotten.
May you rest in peace.