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Today's article is going to be about the #FilterChallenge! It was created by one of my WHI friends, Millie (@millieseconds) and I was tagged by her to give it a shot!

Here's her article so you can check it out!

I do post a lot of pictures on WHI on a daily basis, but I don't really edit them. So I decided to take some pictures I found here, and edit them to fit my theme. I will be including the original picture I found (giving credit to the person who posted it) and next to it, the one edited by me, so you can see the difference!

This is kinda my take on the challenge, so, make sure to check her article because I kinda changed it a little bit!

So let's get started!

number one

Image removed beach, summer, and ocean image
Credit to: @@Paula_Romero_199090

number two

fashion, style, and travel image fashion, style, and travel image
Credit to: @bbdi0r

number three

Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and girl image
Credit to: @minamarina1

number four

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, outfit, and clothes image
Credit to: @blxxming

That's it for today's article guys! I think this challenge is a really great way to motivate us to start trying to edit some of the pictures we post! I don't know about you guys, but a lot of times I don't post certain images just because they don't go with my theme! So maybe you will start seeing more edited pictures by me in the future!

All the pictures I will be editing will be included in this collection from now on!

I tag


and anyone else that reads this article and wants to try it!

Before I leave...

I wanted to give a shoutout to ˗ˏˋ @highflier! ˎˊ˗

As I said in my last article, I've joined The WHI Squad which is basically a group of WHI users that every month does a contest called #WHITheCollectors. When I announced it, I said that if you joined the #WHITheCollectors contest, you should send me a postcard telling me and I would give you a shoutout, and that's what she did!

I really encourage you to check it out! Round 5 is currently taking place, and all you need to do to participate is create a Grunge Collection! The deadline for this round is the 20th of April, so you have plenty of time still!

Follow the TWS account to be up to date with the contests themes and winners!
In this article you can check out all the rules and information about Round 5! I hope to see you joining it! (if you do, send me a postcard and I will give you a shoutout in my next article xx)

As always, feel free to message me if you want to leave a suggestion for my future articles or simply if you just wanna talk to someone ♡

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you

( bel )
( bel )

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