„I'm still wearing the same outfit I did wear back in the 80's.“

Hi, guys! Today I'm returning with another fashion era. You can already guess which decade I'm doing right now. Yes, today we move to the disco era!

The 80's are full of bold, crazy colors. So today's article will be same. Crazy. Bold. Full of colors. So here are five looks that you can rock and feel the 80's vibe. I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

1. A good start.

The 80's are all about mixing things that don't go together. Some people like things that don't go together, but here is a look if you don't like crazy prints or colors.

It was really hard to find something that can be worn today but stay in the 80's vibes. Luckily, I found an oversized dirty grey dress with a brown belt that you can pear with some black pumps that have a cute little bow on the tip. For accessories, I recommend a bunch of golden earrings and some circle sunglasses. :)

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2 .80's vibes.

If you are a person who likes to mix different type of clothing here is a perfect look for you. This outfit, for me, represents the 80's.

For this kind look, you will need a denim skirt, a white tank top with a cool sign on it. To finish the look, you will need an orange jacket, " willy wonka " glasses, white pumps and a little black purse. You can see this look on Bella Hadid. :)

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3. It's all about the color.

This look is all about the color. This look can be worn during the spring season and you will definitely catch people's eye in this look. Like I said before, it was really hard to find a jumpsuit that can be worn today but stay in the 80's. So I found this dark blue one that you can style with some red pumps and an orange bag. Don't forget, pumps are so 80's! To finish the look, curl your hair. :)

Image removed fashion, kate spade, and style image girl, hair, and curly image Rebecca Minkoff, ruffles, and top image

4. Tomboy vibes.

If you are like me, a person who likes to wear a tomboyish style, this look is the one. Some riped boy jeans paired with a yellow bodysuit can look really cute, but we are in the 80's, so you will need to put a graphic crop top on. To finish the look, wear some lace pumps and of course some hoops for earrings.

Image by Sony Domm Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, Jimmy Choo, and pumps image

_5. Glitter baby. _

I can't finish this article without including some glitter. We all know that the 80's are all about the glitter and disco. So if you are feeling the disco vibe, you can wear a glitter dress with some heels and FAKE fur. #keepanimalssafe #donthurtanimals

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So here is another article. I hope you liked it. Send me a message and tell me what kind of article you want to read from me.

Keep smiling, be brave and be a good person.

See you in the next article,
xxx, Bella * winks *

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