Hey so I wrote a rant a couple weeks ago and a day after I got blocked for some stupid reason. I decided that I’m not done and I’m going to write again so I made a new account and I’m trying this again. Last time it was about reasons why I hate the school system/ why I don’t eat. This time I’m sharing my story of fake friends and being apart of the “popular group”

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So freshman year I was this lonely kid who honestly only cared about grades and not having friends. But I did have my best friend and for the sake of privacy we will call her Jessica. She was my friend since second grade, we have gone though everything together. We had other friends in our group but it’s Jessica and I that started and ended the group. Back to freshman year we had a couple classes together but I expected her to branch out cause she had a close cousin that she would hang out with but I never expected her to go into a group that we used to always make fun of. In the middle of the year she would make up stories of being bullied really bad and having no one during middle school. Then people would ask me if it’s all true and I said partly... I mean we got bullied but not as bad as she claimed and SHE HAD FRIENDS... SHE HAD ME. But after I told everyone she thought I was betraying her and lying to everyone. We would always fight like that and we always would make up at the end of the day so I wasn’t worried.

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Sophomore year. Right now:

At the beginning of this year there was four of us that was super close: Jessica, Sarah, Elizabeth and me. Elizabeth and me are still good so you won’t hear much about her. But Sarah started dating this one guy named John, he kind of had a reputation of cheating, lying, smoking and drinking. Moral of that: I didn’t like the guy. But I always supported her because I loved it when she was happy. But then he started to tear all of her friends, the more he did that the more I slit from her. John started cheating then lying to her, she would fall for it every time.

One time he got caught cheating on my other friend for the sake of privacy we will call her Olivia. After that Sarah stopped talking to me and was being a b**** to Olivia. Honestly I was so over how she got when he came to John and his friends. Olivia and I got really close, so I kinda split from the group that treated me like s***, gossiped about every five seconds and made me the most insecure. Now I am with my best friend Olivia, Sophia and Madison. (not the real names) Honestly when I am with them I feel like I am actually friends with them and I don't have to do anything special to feel like I am beneath them.

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Summer year of sophomore and freshman year. Disclaimer this is a little side rant. OKAY. I have this other friend that was part of the outsiders and for the sake of privacy I will call her lacy. Now lacy and I were good friends but we had the same learning disabilities so we actually went through life together BUT lacy always invites all of our friends to her lake house every year so I was expecting it this year. She never talked to me but I was okay with that since I guess we haven’t talked in a while but I still went to the same lake with family friends. LACY apparently invited EVERYONE to go to the lake house besides me on the same week that I went.

I texted her why I wasn’t invited and guess her response..... I forgot about you!!! That’s it she forgot about me.... whatever I’m not salty.

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Rant time:

so I want to talk about lying to your so called best friend. I have trust issues and so If you lie to me I will never trust you ever again. I will cut you out of my life before you could say sorry, and I mean that.
If you want to be the person to gossip i have one advice for you: don't do it. focus on yourself and you will be a lot more happier.
Find friends that actually care about you not ones that IF you get accepted THEN you might feel better about yourself. Find friends that you can laugh with and makes you want to be a better person.