June 6, 2018
Distance: 1,716miles
Total Time: 7days

The long journey to the beautiful state of Colorado. So I will be driving up to Colorado from Sunshine state Florida.

The start from Gainesville Florida to the final destination Colorado Spring

coloradosprings and imayneverleave image

The stops on the way:

Temporarily removed
*Georgia , Atlanta

-Noah`s Ark
-CNN Center
-Georgia Aquarium
-Stone Mountain Park
-The world of Coco- coca

Image removed

-M.L. Rose (eat)
-Loveless (Vegan-friendly bakery)

Missouri, cardinals, and rute 66 image

- Gateway arch
-The St.Louis Zoo

farm, Kansas, and kansas travel image
*Kansas, Kansas City

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"- The Wizard of Oz

-No stops( expect maybe bathroom break) (;


bucketlist, adventure, and travel image Temporarily removed photography and waterfall image colorado, nature, and trees image

-Seven falls
-Rainbow falls
-Military mueseums
- Helen Hunt falls
-Battlefield Colorado
-Miramont Castle

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