My poetry - 'Your shadow'

Just like shadow
The thought of you
Follows me always...
But in the night
It takes over my mind
And there's no escape,
No new path or ways
To win that fight.
Please tell me how,
How do I move on?
Can you feel anything
When you see me cry?
And again I wonder why
Why do you have to be gone...
There is emptiness left
In that same space
I used to keep you safe,
And I feel so alone.
Can you come back
And I'll take your place?
But I know very well
Which words you would say
So please don't hate me
For wanting you to stay.
At least visit me sometimes
When I am far away,
Lost in the haunting dreams
Trying to find rest.
And when I wake up
With the same blade
Cut deep into my heart,
Remind me not to give up.
Give me hope I need
To find will for another start
Even when I bleed.
But though I ask too much
There is one thing I can give:
I promise to try my best
And make you proud
Before I forever leave
Six feet under ground...

- Mikaela

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