Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.

I've been traveling around my entire life. I come from a different country than the one I am currently in, my parents are wanderers who always took me on adventures when I was still a child and now that I've grown I embark on my own adventures. Growing up a wanderer isn't easy, but I do have to admit it's great. So... here are the places I've been to since I was born to this day, April sixth in 2018.

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1. Madrid, Spain

So the first time I went to Madrid I was ten months old and we were just flying back from the Dominican Republic, my place of birth. Of course, I do not remember this journey, but since we traveled there to stay we can call it my first flight home. I did travel back to Madrid once we moved to Mallorca for a school trip and to connect flights, but aside from that I have not been bake there.

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2. Brantôme, France

I do remember this trip, partially. We had gone up to France to visit my grandmother after she moved away from Spain. All I remember was that she lived in a small town next to Brantôme which had about 200 inhabitants in the countryside.

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3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since my dad grew up in Argentina, my family and I made various trips to its amazing capital. I've been there at least five times and I can tell you I fell in love with it.

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4. Rosario, Argentina

Rosario is the name of the city where my father was born. We went there often flying in from Spain to meet family and relatives. That's where I met all the extended family, and let me tell you, people in Argentina care so much more about family than the rest of us.

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5. Ushuaia, Argentina

If you've ever dreamed to visit a snowy fairy tale land, then this is it. I had the most amazing experience while visiting there. I ate Empanadas for the first time (and actually liked them which is weird for me), I almost visited the Perito Moreno, which is an amazing glaciar, and I saw penguins.

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6. Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

They say that keeping in touch with our origins and roots is important, which is why my mum offered me a trip to the place I was born in. To be honest, it was a place I never expected going back to, but mum surprised me with this one.

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7. Mallorca, Spain

Before living here, my family and I would often spend summers with my aunt and my sister, who both lived there. The beach, the sand and the sun was my favourite trinity at the time.

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And that's it for today... I will be uploading a second part of this article someday soon since this is just the part of it, but for now I thought I would be better if I didn't overwhelm anyone.
- Dahiandra