Lost in what to wear this spring? We can all get a little tired of our usual day to day outfits so why not try some new things this spring!

1. Crop Tops

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This might seem like something that everyone does - and has been doing for awhile - but there are so many ways to rock a crop top. Whether its a tee or a long sleeve find a way to put your own personality into this top.

2. High Waisted Trousers

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This is one of the fashion items that I keep coming back to this spring. Honestly, there is nothing more comfortable than cotton pants that feel like sweats but look like trousers. They are perfect for work and come in so many patterns you can choose one that suits you!

3. Mules

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Mules have been around for a little bit now but I find that they are still on trend. Fur or no fur they can add a sophisticated look to a rather plain outfit. A trend that you should definitely try out.

4. Vintage Shorts

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Is there really anything better than a pair of vintage shorts that hug your butt and waist like they were molded for you? No, there isn't.

5. Branded Tees

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If you like to wear band tees but are getting a little tired of the look try upgrading to brand tees! They are so comfy and soft - as cotton tees are - but make you look like you have your shit together. They also go great with vintage shorts and high waisted trousers!

I hope this article helped you guys get some new inspiration to try something different this spring! Let me know if you liked this article and if I should do more like this!

Thanks for reading!

Cover image by @bohology