hey guys!! i know this is late by 4 days, but i wanted to share my march favorites with you!! i'm not really big on "favorite" articles, but i decided to try it!


so you've probably seen these in like every studyblr picture, but if you haven't, these are what they look like:

aesthetic, beauty, and candle image aqua, february, and journal image

i personally love them so so so much!! they are amazing highlighters and are super pretty and aesthetically pleasing! i use them everyday for school and they're great :) 10/10 recommend!!!

forever 21

i've loved forever 21 for a long time, but this month i got so much stuff from forever 21! they have such amazing clothes and what i love most about it is that it's super cheap yet the quality is very good! 20/10 recommend!!

Temporarily removed 21, fashion, and fashion model image


this seems so basic wow but i love it so much!! i've been super obsessed with it when i study and do homework, it's just sort of turned into a necessity when doing school work! it's also very healthy, love it a lot :)

book, plants, and coffee image art, yellow, and aesthetic image

oversized sweaters

i've been wearing so many oversized sweaters recently! whenever i get home i change into a comfy oversized sweater :) i think they also look super cute so yay

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so those are my march favorites!! i hope you enjoyed this article :)

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hope you all have an amazing day!!
- jordan xoxo