Hello, wonderful souls!

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I hope yall doing great, but if you don’t, stay with me ‘cause this article is about what I do when I’m feeling down, my vibe is low, I don’t feel social, happy and not in the mood for anything… I still do most of these stuff even when I’m in my best mood, but that’s the point – I be doing them ‘cause they make me feel sooo damn good!

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Okay, if I had to choose to keep only one physical activity in my life, it would definitely be dancing! I’m a type of person that moves to the beat whenever I hear music – pop, latino, rock, hip hop, you play it and I’ll move!

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Although the music I enjoy the most is old school rap, and Latin and Cuban music:


Dancing is my therapy, it can boost my mood in a second, I can get lost in it and dance for hours!


I meditate every morning and meditation is something that really played a huge role in changing my life and myself, for the better. I really am a strong believer that meditation helps our mind so much and it did miracles for me!

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Difference between meditation that I practice in the morning and when I’m upset, sad or angry, or just feeling low is that in times of those crazy emotions, I play guided meditations session (there are plenty of those on Youtube; I’m used to Michael Sealey’s ones and they work the best for me, his voice is magical so I only listen to his meditations and of course, Louise Hay).

The reason that I don’t meditate “alone” when I want to boost my mood is that I feel better hearing someone’s voice and being guided through the session. If you’re not a fan of meditation, you can try yoga or anything that helps you “find your center” and silent your mind for a few moments 


It can work too just to isolate yourself in a place you like, but taking a walk can really help you in clearing your thoughts and just be chill with yourself for a minute.

What I do when I take a walk is talking with myself, you know, as a friend. Or like I’m holding a speech: “I really feel like…” or “Yesterday, what happened made me wanna do…”

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I promise, it can make you feel even a little bit better, just force yourself to go out and don’t stay at home. And don’t forget that every second of our life is a surprise, who knows what could happen, what experience could you have or who could you meet 


If you take only one thing from this article with you, let it bi this one:

See yourself standing in front of a mirror looking into your own eyes and saying, I love and accept you exactly as you are. And breathe. Just let yourself feel what you’re feeling. You don’t have to be perfect. You’re already perfect as you are: You are you. You’re exactly what you’ve chosen to be in this lifetime. - Louise hay

The point is, don’t be ashamed of your feelings and don’t try to suppress them – close your eyes for a moment and let all the emotions wash over you; cry, yell, scream if you have to, punch a pillow. When you release that bad energy, it will leave you 

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Even if you’re not that type of person who likes diaries and stuff, don’t underestimate the power of putting your feelings and thoughts on paper. You don’t have to do it every day, although I do it (or every other day) – I write my affirmations, my goals, my feelings (usually I get into my emotions and come with an affirmation that helps me deal with them).

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Not everyone’s the same and we all deal with our emotions differently. Of course, there are so many different things – I wanted to include those that ALWAYS help me and that can help you DEAL with your emotions, not run from them. What you run away from, always finds you in the end; so instead of being chased, face it and say WHO’S THE BADDEST?

What I want to include as a bonus are – in my opinion – the worst things you could do when you feel bad:

- Social media binging (scrolling your Instagram or Facebook feed for hours)
- TV show or movie marathon (yes, we all do that and I’m not saying you should never, but avoid that when you feel down; watch a couple of short motivational videos instead – Youtube channel that I suggest is Improvement Pill - but don’t binge on that either)
- Spending money irrationally (don’t go and buy things such as clothes or makeup or food, or whatever comes to your mind just to fill that void)

Sooooo, babies, that’s all for this article! Heart it if you like it and let me now what would you like me to write about… xoxo

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