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What am I grateful for?

1 │ LIFE
I don't know in what higher power you believe. But I am grateful for a life. That I'm here. Enjoying sun. Soft wind. No matter what health problems I have, I'm still fighting and enjoying life.

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Yeah. I know these moments from hospital. Sometimes I asked myself in a hospital, why I'm still fighting in a place where there is such a pain, an emptyness and a sadness. I still didn't get an answer.

Where you are in a serious problem with your life, you are starting to realise the real value of money. Which is WORTHLESS. Money are good, but you must have a borders and don't give them on first place. Okay, maybe second or third place. But there are more important things in life than money are.

We will not lie to each other. How many times did you argue with your parents? And you still love them? :D
The perfect example for this questions is Anne & Lola's relationship.

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Who doesn't love this film, right? :D But I have this quite different in a home. "Daddy's daughter" and "Mommy's son". But we still love each other :D . I mean, I'm learning also with my brother. With his diagnose, it's a harder. However, I'm still grateful for them. But I will be prepared for my kids, if they could have some diagnose.

I can't imagine live without books, tea, coffee , watching or doing some art, talking only in one language or stay in one country. I would probably freak out :D . And that's what I'm grateful. I'm grateful that I can read, I'm grateful that I can enjoy some tea, making art, talking in more languages, understand them. I'm grateful that I can travel into another country.

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