Hey my fellow readers,

I had been thinking lately about self-confidence, which I know many people struggle with. I had my fair share lacking self-confidence during my teens and early adulthood. I always felt like an odd person out or the girl who seemed self-conscious and timid. For some reason, I would get affected by what people think or said about me. I never gave myself things to head for, always larking behind, afraid and feeling comfortable in my comfort zone, thinking that was all I am capable of.

I remembered going through a phase in my life, where I felt I had to stop, could not go on not giving myself chances or stand out and show people my capable of a lot more then larking behind. I had to be strong & confident. Being a strong & self-confident person is not something I had built for me but is a development that takes time.

The first step I knew I had to change was cutting out negative talks and people who were not there to support but just there to belittle. Honestly, I felt good cutting out those unwanted people from my life and invested my time and energy with people who gave me motivation and encouragement.

Following that, I went on to understand myself, know my capabilities and worth. This truly took time just for me to get to know myself better and find ways to improve.

If you ask where I stand today with myself, with confidence and being strong... Well, I can say I am not that person who larks behind, not that person who thinks or be affected with the way people around see me, not that person who stays behind comfort zones but a girl who is able to teach herself that she is strong, not afraid to reach for opportunities even if the road ahead is tough, and have the courage and confidence to achieve my goals.
Never think that I have no challenges now that I have improved myself, wrong! I still have my challenges and everyone does, but if I am able to accept, work and find answers then I am sure anyone is able to. Do not worry about how long it takes instead try little steps to being a stronger and confident you.

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