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Welcome to one more article! I am in a phase of rethinking about my life and about my future. Then at some point I started to think about what my dream house would look like and then I decided to convey this to this article. It will also be good to take some ideas to redecorate your house or room. Thanks for 3.6k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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I want a bright apartment / house with lots of windows and all white. The floor would be made of wood, except the bathrooms and the kitchen.

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To start I wanted an average kitchen, all in shades of white and gray! I love the color white because then I can combine several pieces and it will not look bad! And I think it gives a very modern tone to have the appliances in stainless steel.

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I also like to have touches of marble, I think it is so subtle and it looks so beautiful and clear some shades of light wood. In addition I want to have all the appliances tucked into the furniture and have the minimum of parts in sight. I hate to see bottles of water on the counter or other things.

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I think this will be one of the divisions of the house that I will most enjoy! I love organization and this will no doubt be the most fun things to do. I want a small space that is also white but surrounded by part of the walls. I wanted it to have white tiles, the same ones I would have in the kitchen.

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I wanted to organize everything for pots of glass and baskets and put labels on everything, literally that would be my dream of life.

Living room

I always wanted a cozy room, where I could watch movies rested and feel "this is me" so without a doubt I want a warm room, in shades of browns, oranges and yellows.

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I liked having a fireplace and large windows, several floors, a mini library where I could put all my books and of course a huge television where I could see my movies.

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Dining Room

I really want to have a dining room, because I love making lunches and family dinners so I wanted them to come to my house. I want the dining room attached to the kitchen, I would soon have my kitchen shades.

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On the other hand I wanted the dining room to have a more classic touch so I wanted to add a rug that fills the whole table and gives it more color.

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Without doubt it is the most important part of the house because it would be the place where I would spend the most time. It has to be the largest room in the house, I want to have room for my desk (which has to be near the window), I wanted an armchair where I could sit and read my books. And finally a place where I could put all my make-up and beauty products.

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I want a room in shades of white and dry rose, I want it to be something warm and bright, I want to have a huge bed full of cushions and a huge mirror where I could build my outfits.

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It would be a small place where I could organize all my clothes, accessories and shoes! It was always a dream of mine, because at my parents' house I only had a closet and I had more than 30 coats. So to maintain the organization would be perfect having a closet.

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I want to have at least two bathrooms, both in shades of white. The first bathroom wanted me to be near my room. I would have a large bathtub and this bathroom would be in more sober tones and clear marble tones.

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The other bathroom would have a shower and would also be in marble tones and some copper details.

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