but the thing i dont get is why jimin's is on a hospital gown isnt its supposed to be jungkook? ion know bur they like to connect things with anything so.... yea

the most major plot twist was when jungkook saved yoongi from the burned motel room, i didn't see that freaking coming i was all like "OHH" bighit seriously playing with our brain i'm fcked up.

when they came to the place where tae jumped i was like "no not this place again istg imma sue bighit". i thought seokjin would jump but what tf happen ion freaking know. many said that he was trying to get the "commit suicide" thingy a better ending and it make sense tho, ya'll are smart.

and i notice some little things like tae's bandaged hands was because when he killed that man in i need u mv, ya'll see that? when he tryna block the shining sun. yeye i know its pretty simple but thats the easiest thing i could get.

i still want to to know why jimin is in a hospital gown im coURIOS. but it does connected with the "hyyh the notes" when you buy the love yourself album. you will find a little pink book written all korean in it but i just read the translation in twitter. in hoseok's note theres a story where jimin is in a emergency room. he said jimin's mom was there, but the thing is i dont know why jimin is in the emergency room, he said " i should say to jimin's mom whys jimin is in the emergency room", i completely lost it all i dont fking get it.

but lest just pray that this whole thing will come to a good ending and the comeback will be an amazing thing as what bts always do. lest get snatched. im already dead.