Hey everybody,welcome back to another article.Today i am writing about how to have a realaxing day.This idea came to me out of the blue,because currently i'm on spring break and i couldn't be happier.So,i decided to write an article about how to relax and things to do and all thay fun stuff.
For me the best way to relax and unwind is to read a good book whether it is mystery or drama. Right now i'm about to read "The fault in our stars" by John Green.However,if you have no idea about what you want to read then you don't have to worry.There are a ton of different websites which suggest you books depending on your interests such as bookreads.
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My account on goodreads

Moving on,a good way to realax is watching a movie or series.Personally,when i want to calm and spend some alone time i prefer watching Gossip Girl or the latest movie that i've seen "Irreplaceable you" which i totally reccomend.
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In addition,what about having a bath? Light some candles,put some music and just relax.Sometimes taking a bath ccan be more affective than we thought.Our brain unwind fron all the madness that we have to deal with.
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To continue with,writing down your thoughts can have a positive impact on your life for many reasons.The most important one is the fact that you manage to get out of your mind all the negative thoughts that you had and you can start over with more positive thoughts.Secondly,somehow helps you to stay determined and focus on your goals and ambitions.
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Thank you much for reading this article,it means a lot to me.If you want to send me a postcar or a message feel free to do it!!
Until next time,