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my biggest and hardest struggle has to be my job...this something i am constantly on the fence about. i have been at my current job for three years now. i work with some pretty great people, i have full health benefits, 401k, and i can pretty much do whatever i want. so on one hand it's really not so bad. however, i am doing something that i don't really care about, something i don't even need my two college degrees for, and i am helping a multi-billion dollar company get richer.

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thankfully, i only work monday thu friday so weekends i get to do me! it does help having that time to do what i love. but then monday rolls around and i have to get back to the grind. and when i say "grind" i mean it quite literally because i work in an all male dominated business. so that's just another struggle i deal with. being a female in the business i am in, and being a female manager, it is very difficult to be taken seriously. some days i really want to just throw my hands up and bail.

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so why do i stay when i know deep down i am not happy with the work i am doing? because i am an adult and i know that one day this will all pay off. not only that but i really do have amazing benefits that go along with my job and they are just too good to loose. on a good note, there is never a dull moment with the guys i work with. they make me crazy but on the good days it's like having an army of brothers that have my back. until i can figure out my next move i will just keep on trucking, using my weekends to do things that i really love and hopefully that will keep me sane...for now.

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