Hi there beautiful souls!
In my last article I made a list of my favorite series and now I wan't to do a list of my favorite characters.
I hope you enjoy :)

- Brooke Maddox

gif image scream, carlson young, and brooke maddox image

- Daryl Dixon
The walking Dead

the walking dead, walkers, and daryl dixon image Image removed

- Dean Winchester

gif, supernatural, and dean winchester image supernatural, funny, and dean winchester image

- Dylan Massett
Bates Motel

max thieriot image gif, dylan massett, and bates motel image

- Fiona Goode
American Horror Story - Coven

coven, emma roberts, and gif image fiona, jessica, and goode image

- Joey Tribbiani

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- Mike Wheeler
Stranger Things

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- Nancy Wheeler
Stranger Things

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- Noah Foster

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- Norma Bates
Bates Motel

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- Rachel Berry

lea michele, glee, and rachel berry image glee, quotes, and rachel berry image

- Rachel Green

friends, pizza, and quotes image friends, quotes, and jealous image

- Regina Mills
Once Upon a Time

once upon a time, ouat, and lana parrilla image evilqueen, reginamills, and ️ouat image

- Ruby Lucas
Once Upon a Time

once upon a time, quotes, and red image once upon a time and red hat image

- Sheldon Cooper
The Big Bang Theory

Temporarily removed batman, sheldon, and the big bang theory image

- Tate Langdon
American Horror Story - Murder House

evan peters, american horror story, and tate image Image removed
I love all the Evan Peters characters in Ahs, but this is my favorite
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