I don't know on what counts I fixate my dream boy but damn these men come close

matt, 90s, and damon image matt damon, 90s, and black and white image
Matt Dam(o)n
movie, heath ledger, and 10 things i hate about you image
It's important your dude is in for some fun, that's why Heath Ledger
Image removed skandar keynes, narnia, and boy image
Fantasy and Skander Keynes are a perfect combo
Clueless, gif, and paul rudd image
Paul Rudd cause Paul Rudd
Temporarily removed gif, michael ealy, and black king things image
Michael Ealy, in think like a man he is a cook, dreamy and good looking. Just some details
Image removed
Julian Wilson cause a surfer boy can't miss in the list
Image removed
And just a cute pic I found while searching for SK

Updates will come