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I am really exited for this article because I was tagged by the awesome Audrey to do this so a big thank you goes to her. ♡ Also you know that the Tag my name in... has been everywhere here on WHI and so I want to mention the wonderful creator Bel of the My name in flowers Tag. Here are both of their profiles and their articles. Please check them out, I love them both ♡

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I will be using the name Gwendolyn because it is a kind of nickname for me and my friends call me that sometimes, but it is not my real name, to be clear with you guys.

So, let´s get started with this...

G for Gardenia

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W for Wild Rose

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E for Erica

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N for Nymphea

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D for Daisy

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O for Orchid

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L for Lavender

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Y for Yasmine

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

N for Narcissus

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So, we have reached the end of this article. Isn´t it so spring vibe? Please heart this article if you enjoyed reading it or leave a reaction. This would really mean a lot to me ♡

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