This year, for me, April is a month of letting go's. Saying farewell to what have been and start looking forward. Put my feelings of grief and loss away and finally being able to look forward without feeling totally empty and tired. I'm actually enjoying being by myself and not a half of a couple for the first time in over 10 years (!!!).

Soo, maybe It's not that big of a surprise that my favorite songs atm are pretty much all about bittersweetness, breakups, finding your new "every day life" and feeling ok just being you, and you alone.
Simply put... They're capturing my mindset of being totally fine and Happy about Endings, while I'm searching for my happy ending.

April tunesโšก๏ธ

Ella Vos - You don't know about me (R3hab remix)

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You donโ€™t know about me โ€“ Why the hell should you decide?

Betty Who - Ignore me

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You donโ€™t get to know about my life, my right, my highs โ€“ Even the lows: You wanted to go

Kyla La Grange - The knife

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In the beginning, I wanted you so much โ€“ Fire, then dark, then dust

Petite Meller - Backpack

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I can finally think of time physically โ€“ I can finally think of love easily

Sasha Sloan - Normal

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Why do I try to fit in, when I just wanna go home?

Maja Francis - Stressed

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I just didnโ€™t see how you were loving my crazy my lazy my beautiful chaos

Smith & Thell - DUMB

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Oh I believed in love dust that make me dumb, dumb โ€“ Cause girls believe in love until boys turn them numb, numb โ€“ Ohh love made me dumb

Lissie - Love blows

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And I am stuck at seventeen when all the boys thought I was bossy and the girls could be so mean โ€“ It's like I stopped growing