I've seen a lot of people on here doing this. Enjoy! This was really fun to make.

coffee or tea?

Image removed aesthetic, books, and breakfast image

black and white or colors?

girl, summer, and friends image rose image

dresses or skirts?

dress and Prom image fashion, style, and outfit image

books or movies?

book and harry potter image quotes, words, and movie image

chinese or italian?

Temporarily removed food, pizza, and delicious image

early bird or night owl?

breakfast, book, and coffee image city, light, and alternative image

chocolate or vanilla?

food, chocolate, and muffin image ice cream, food, and white image

introvert or extrovert?

girl, fashion, and book image friends, bff, and blonde image

hugs or kisses?

love, couple, and Relationship image couple, love, and kiss image

winter or summer?

winter, girl, and fashion image Temporarily removed

rural or urban?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

dancing or singing?

quotes, love, and couple image love, couple, and the 1975 image

fruits or vegetables?

food, FRUiTS, and healthy image food, healthy, and yummy image

tattoos or piercings?

tattoo, boy, and alternative image aesthetic, bellybutton, and ear image

dress up or dress down?

dress, fashion, and style image article, comfortable, and fashion image

cats or dogs?

Image removed Temporarily removed

sunrise or sunset?

city, new york, and sky image sunset, palm trees, and sky image

adventurous or cautious?

Image by Jinxthedreamer Temporarily removed

leather or denim?

Image removed Temporarily removed