You just woke up one day and decided things weren't a bright shiny rainbow for you and you just decided to stroll away like taking a walk at a park. You made it look so easy. As if leaving was like walking along a path to a new destination. As If I were a checkpoint in your long journey and now that you've reached me, you crossed me off and kept on for your next one. May your new checkpoint be as bright as you want it but remember this:

One day you will wake up and realise you have finally conquered your shiny and bright rainbow and every colon in a spectrum is there ,everything you need is there and you no longer feel as if you are empty or deprived of something more that you could possibly have in life. The realisation will hit you so hard you'll catch yourself grinning at the wall. Such happiness should be shared, you'll think, with the one person that makes you happy and when you turn around and find that bed empty you will feel your smile slowly disappearing . you will feel your stomach sinking turning slowly into this black hole that sucks all light in it ,including your shiny "priceless" rainbow. An image of me will flash by your eyes because you will remember how I always made you smile even when you were feeling half empty instead of half full. And for a second you'd think about calling me because you have realised that you didn't really need the whole spectrum but just one shade of colour that you now realised you wouldn't find again. No, I am not saying I am amazing. I am saying that you will realise that you will never find a person that will love you as deeply as I did with all your flaws.

You will realise how even when you were at parts empty I made you feel full. You will realise that I held the rainbows within my hands and I was willing to give all of it to you including myself. You will finally realise that You had nothing and everything and that now you have everything but nothing.