One of the many problems I have with the world is...

Well, it's the TRUTH.

Why are there so many versions of it?

Someone once told there were three types of truth.





Somehow we have managed to maintain our different truths but when there are different truths we can never find The Truth.

My truth could be something you find unethical like being gay or lesbian.

My truth could something you find insulting like being an atheist.

Your truth could be something I find delusional like supporting Trump.

Your truth could be something I find non-existent like depression.

These all examples of how our truths can clash. Doesn't that make you question what The Truth actually is?

With all these different truths are there lies?

Or are they just another person version of events?

These are difficult conversations but please have them. Let us not be the uneducated youth. Let us question things and not just let them happen.

Theme song: Him By Sam Smith

-Protect Love