Hi everyone! How are you guys? I’m so sorry for the later upload, but for today’s article, I decided to share another bunch of my favorite k-pop songs! I have discovered so many new artists and songs, so I hope you like them! If you want to see the first part, it’s right here:

For today’s article, I will only be listing songs instead of sorting them to the artists and reviewing them like I did in this article.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Gashina - Sunmi

Fool - Winner

Lotto/Louder - EXO

Best Of Me - BTS

Never Ever - Got7

4 O’Clock - RM , V

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Stay With Me - Chanyeol , Punch

With You - ASTRO

Don’t Recall - K.A.R.D.

Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang

Monster - EXO

Beautiful Liar - VIXX LR

theme, sky, and art image girl, fashion, and ulzzang image

Heroine - Sunmi

2! 3! - BTS

Sorry - The Rose

Daydream - J-Hope

Baby - ASTRO

Sea - BTS

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Airplane - J-Hope

Fxxk It - Big Bang

Breathe - Lee Hi

Tony Montana - Agust D , Jimin

Universe - EXO

Island - Winner

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This is all I have for today! I hope you liked this article, and definitely listen to some of these! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to send me requests for future uploads!

~ Caylie