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I was tagged by my lovely friend Pyurie to write this article. You can find her article and WHI account here.

I've written some similar articles before, but I'll try writing about things I haven't mentionned before.

Now, lets get started.

1 | wavy hair

Naturally I have wavy, almost curly, hair but I straighten it a lot, just because it's easier.

2 | black

I feel confident when I wear something black. A black dress, a black top or blouse, a black jeans and so on.

3 | surfing

I'd love to learn how to surf. I went on a summercamp once, but I don't remember a lot of the actual surfing part, oops.

4 | tall

I'm pretty tall so I've never worn high heels. Well, I have tried them out, but never for real.

5 | julia michaels

I'm a huge fan of Julia Michaels. Currently, she's on tour with Niall Horan in Europe, and that's also my chance of seeing her! My favorite song of her is Worst In Me.

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6 | economics

I'm pretty good at economics and math, yet I study something that hasn't many similarities with it, psychology. I have too many interests, so I had a hard time chosing what to study at university.

7 | venice

I have visited Venice more than once, and it's still one of my favorite holiday destinations! Italy is an amazing country with great weather and delicious food, so it isn't that hard to love a city there!

8 | halsey

I have been wanting to see this amazing woman for a long time, and now, she has finally announced her tour in Europe. And guess what? I already grabbed my tickets.

9 | ice coffee with caramel

I just started having an addiction for ice coffee with caramel. It's honestly so, so good!

10 | rose quartz

As every zodiac sign, cancer has some beautiful birthstones. My favorite one is the rose quartz which stands for unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing.

♥ | the end

Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.

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