Looking for something fun and new to try out with your partner? This bucket list for couples is perfect for you! The purpose of bucket list is to help you, as a couple, to come up with a list of things you would like to achieve together. I prepared 17 things on the list to ensure you squeeze all the potential out of your relationship. Check it out!

1. Have a song that is ‘your song’

Pick a song that has a meaning to your relationship.

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2. Cuddle in bed all day

Is there anything better than spending the whole day in the bed with your sweetheart? I don’t think so. Book one day in the week and spend it cuddling and watching the movies.

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3. Kiss at midnight on New Years

End the year with a romantic kiss on the New Year’s Eve.

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4. Tickle fight

Tickle fight is a great way to flirt and have a good time. Who’ll win?

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5. Kiss in the rain

Sharing a kiss in the rain is the most sweet and romantic gesture. Just like in the movies!

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6. Watch the Sunset

Take your loved one on a picnic and watch the Sunset. Create a memory that you’ll both never forget.

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7. Have a pet

Except daily doses of happiness, pets can help reduce stress between partners.

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8. Write each other letters

The days where letters were written on daily bases and mailed at the post office are over. Unfortunately. It’s time to bring back the ‘old school’ romance and write a romantic love letter. Don’t forget to save them! Letters can become a physical memory of your love and can last for a lifetime.

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9. Kiss underwater

Some of the most romantic movies feature an underwater kiss… is there any better reason why you shouldn’t try it? It’s time for some wet kisses!

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10. Get matching tattoos

There isn’t any better way to remind you of a grounded relationship you have. Don’t forget – tattoo is a lifetime commitment.

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11. Take a road trip together Choose the trip that you’ll both enjoy.

Road trip is a great way to get closer to your partner.

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12. Watch drive-in movie

Watching a movie outdoors and cuddling up in your car is a way better than watching a movie from a home or movie theater. Make it happen!

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13. Have the same last name

If you love and care about each other the next step in your relationship is marriage.

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14. Grow old together

And they lived happily ever after…

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15. Write your own love story

The best love story is your own story? Then write it down! Your kids and their kids will be able to know how their parents and grandparents fell in love. Lovely!

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16. Dress up together for Halloween

On Halloween, fairy tales can come true… see it for yourself.

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17. Take pictures in a photo booth

Couples love the fun in a photo booth. Be foolish and cute. Don’t forget to put the pictures in your wallet. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and start making your own couple’s bucket list!

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