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1. Symmetry

In High Renaissance Art symmetry is the key thing to look out for. Here are some examples

Image by Gaia Image by Gaia

2. Perspective

The renaissance really started when Giotto began playing with perspective. Instead of just putting everything in the forefront, they began to have a background and forground.

art image Image by Gaia

3. Twisted forms

Contraposto or counter pose was popular with artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, as well as Botticelli and Veronese.

Image by Gaia Image by Gaia

4. Centre point

In many renaissance painting there is a point in the painting that is made to draw you to it, all the other people and structures in the painting sorta frame it.

Image by Gaia Image by Gaia

*5. Sections/scenes

Image by Gaia Image by Gaia