Most of us don't talk about battles, struggles or problems at all, however, it hits back on us. Not speaking it out loud means you turn against yourself, hide it deeper and deeper until it explodes.

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In a world like ours, people judge, hate, criticize. It is hard for us to stay focused on what we truly desire. You might even feel you have no one to talk to. Maybe it is true, yet what about yourself? You are the only one stuck by your side when there is no one else. You had been always there for you before, you are there now and for ever.

How could you hate the person you are stuck with for a lifetime?
How could you criticise yourself?
Would you wanna live with someone like that? With someone judging all the time?

I wouldn't, for sure. Also try to accept the fact that you cannot be strong every minute of every day. Just let it go. Allow yourself to feel bad or sad for an hour, it will make you feel better. Afterwards, you will feel such strength, energy and power that you can continue your day.

So start embracing yourself, praise your look, personality and everything. Then, go and start living the best time of your life!

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