Hello everyone! I wanted to do this challenge a while ago but it took some time to do.So finally here it is for you!!


fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed girl, fashion, and style image fashion, grunge, and hipster image
grunge style, striped t-shirts, convers, Dr martens


sky, clouds, and dark image black, leaves, and dark image sweater, fashion, and red image Temporarily removed
grey, black, Bordeaux, green olive


Temporarily removed bedroom, candle, and chill image Temporarily removed friends, best friends, and group image
Playing on the violin, watch movies and series, read books, hang out with my best friends


Image removed study image feeling, music, and partage image comes, gemini, and really image
Memes are not a hobby, they are a lifestyle!! School is so important to me,I learn a lot. I can get really crazy and energetic. I'm a Gemini myself and this statement is exactly me


dean winchester, jared padalecki, and Jensen Ackles image space, tardis, and time image Temporarily removed sherlock, sherlock holmes, and bbc image
Supernatural, Doctor who, Stranger things, Sherlock and a lot more...:)


Image by ઽυʝเท🖇🤍 anime, Otaku, and tokyo ghoul image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I watch so many but here a few of them: Black butler, Tokyo ghoul, Your lie In April, Attack on titan


cat, animal, and cute image adorable, animal, and cute image Temporarily removed animal, cat, and kitten image


harry potter, voldemort, and hermione granger image tim burton, movie, and eva green image star wars, adam driver, and love image Temporarily removed
Harry potter, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children, Star wars, Lord of the rings and so many moreeee!!


bts, jungkook, and jimin image beautiful, evanescence, and tour image black and white, classic, and classic music image sam smith image
BTS, lindsey stirling, classical music, Sam smith


Temporarily removed food image food image Best, candy, and chocolate image
Sushi, meat, pasta , Ben & Jerry's

Hope you liked it!<3<3