Hello guys, I want to say thank you for 2.4K followers, I LOVE you guys....

Today I'will show you my favourite We Heart It accounts, but i find it difficult because it's 20 accounts that i really love but if you want guys i will do 2nd part AND i want to say a big THANK YOU for all your lovely messages you send me...:)

I think is time to start ...(i don't know how stared, tell me some ideas if you want)

1) @Official_Gabriella

I think it's the most interesting account, a love her articles so much.. and i take an ideas for her...You need to go see her account.

2) @Laura3621


Is best i love her.... and I don't know what to say:)
My favourite her gallerys is

3) @weheartit
Of course is We Heart It, because without the wonderful We Heart It i could written this article...

We Heart It
We Heart It

4) @ TeamWeHeartit


Team We Heart It
Team We Heart It

5) @LittleWorldIfEline

Is such a good youtuber and instagramer... they have a lot of intresting ideas...and of course they have a good account here...

My Favorite gallery is...

Go see her account...

Ok...So that's all for today, guys I hope you like it! If you don't follow me you should do it :')

Tell me if you want to see 2nd part...(send me a message) and yeah...!

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