She had always loved astronomy. It all started a hot summer night, when she and her friends were laying on the beach, with a couple of beers in their hands talking about their future plans. She realized how difficult it seemed to survive in our society. Then, she looked up, and kept staring at the short of magic her brain had just discovered. Oh, how amazed she was! The moon and all the stars shining, stars that were probably far, far away from our galaxy, all this beauty gave her inspiration.
The next day, she convinced her parents to give her a ride to the city, where she visited the library, her most favorite place in the whole world. By the moment she stepped in, she ran towards the aisle with the title: ''science". She started walking between the shelves, until she found all the books connected to astrophysics. From that instant, she started a research, she wanted to understand everything about outer space, all the equations, all the theories... Suddenly, she became mature, she finally knew what she wanted to do in the future. So she decided to do whatever it takes for her dreams to come true. "Remember" she whispered to herself " go where your heart beats".
Her heart chose the universe.