Lovely Hearters!

As Easter has passed, so has our first ever Easter Egg Hunt. We planted three little pink Whi eggs all over the platform for you to find and hope you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did hiding the eggs.

We hid one egg within the Egg Hunt announcement article itself, one in an Easter collection that could be found in the promoted collection tab and last but not least: one at the canvas of the one and only creator of the platform Fabio Giolito.

Temporarily removed
Egg number one
Temporarily removed
Egg number two
bunny and easter image
Egg number three

An enormous amount of you have participated and searched all over Whi and furthermore created beautiful Easter inspired collections of cute bunnies, colorful flowers, and many more. It wasn’t an easy choice to pick the winners!

What follows are the ten winners of Gold Memberships for life! Congrats, dear Hearters! Cheers to our first hunt of many.

animal, bunny, and cute image

Winner # 1 - @V1ET

While Lauren isn't even celebrating Easter traditionally, she knows exactly how to catch the ultimate Easter vibe in this collection.

Winner # 2 - @peteragi2

In this Easter collection by Péter you can find a beautiful collection of flower images that almost makes you smell them from behind your screen.

Winner # 3 - @elissvilla

Pastels please! Elisa shows us how these soft pastels get her into overly excited for the Easter season.

Winner # 4 - @cassiejxne

This time of the year makes Cassie think of spending time with her family, hearing birds chirp all around, and smelling beautiful flowers. Can you relate?

Winner # 5 - @whimsix

Planning on organizing an Easter brunch next year? Make sure to save this collection as it contains all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful pastel themed brunch.

Winner # 6 - @cafejeon

For @cafejeon the most important thing about Easter is the start of life and new beginnings. Flowers bloom, baby animals are born, and people are leaving their houses after the cold winter to enjoy their time outside.

Winner # 7 - @your_living_nightmare

Aiste has been super creative with her Easter collection. Scroll through lots of Easter inspiration sorted by colour and be inspired!

Winner # 8 - @NightmareMIHo

In her country, Easter is celebrated during fall but she explains that always around this time of the year, Spring days seem to occur. In this collection, you will also see a hint of her roots as her mother is from Russia!

Winner # 9 - @janetmartins

A collection filled with blooming flowers, soft pastels chocolate eggs, bunnies and everything else that reminds you of Easter.

Winner # 10 - @evaroseboylan01

Check out this collection by Eva Rose and get lost in hundreds of Easter themed images!

Once again congratulations Hearters! We hope you will enjoy your Whi Gold Memberships to the fullest!