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This is the first time that I’m writing an article. I hope you’ll like it and support me💫 -I’m just new to it😥. And also😁, special thanks to this amazing hearter for tagging me😍

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So, now we begin😃

What makes me special? Well, I guess it varies... Some people might see it as something special while others might consider it as something very common. However all those things make me; me.
Here are my picks!👽

  • First of all, I’m a book person
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Yeah I know it sounds boring... But that’s a fact. If I had to choose between reading a book and watching the same story in a movie version, I’d most probably choose the book. I love that feeling of holding a book and physically turning the pages one by one, that’s a reason why I rarely read e-books.

  • I love learning
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That probably makes you think that I’m a nerd but, I just love learning. But hey wait, there’s a difference between I love learning and I love school. Don’t mix them up; school sucks. I just love that process of accumulating knowledge, that’s why love documentaries so much, you always learn something.

  • Cold weather is my favorite
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I wouldn’t mind living in a winter wonderland, even though I’d be as cold as a dead person 24/7. What am I saying😂 I don’t even know how a true winter feels like. I live on a tropical island, so our winter is not so unbearably cold and it doesn’t snow. Nevertheless I’d prefer winter over summer. It’s not that I don’t like going to the beach or summer activities but winter means shorter days and longer nights😋.

  • Rainbow spectrum
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Since a very young age, I know that I was very fascinated by rainbows. I used to believe that there really was a pot filled with gold coins waiting at the end of the rainbow. Later I understood that it wasn’t real and the science behind it but still, I was very fascinated. In fact, I’m still amazed whenever I see light split into its different colors. I even have a collection for it.

  • My appreciation for cars
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I’m a girl and of course I love cars♥️ Rovers, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Ferraris,... the list is so long! These are humans’ masterpieces. They’re worth being called perfect.

  • I appreciate very little things
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The little things in life is what , I guess, is most important to me. Haven’t you ever head outside and got blinded for a few seconds because it was so bright, and gradually got your vision back? Haven’t you ever got upset by the droplet of water who didn’t flow in your desired direction? Haven’t you ever stared at your friends and realized how much their presence meant a lot to you? Did you smile?

  • The night
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I’m sure that I’m not the only one that loves night time. I love when everyone is asleep and I’m the only one awake, it’s like I have the world for myself for a few hours. No one to tell me what to do, just my time. But I won’t deny it, this is also the time when my monsters will probably whisper to me. And when I go on my rooftop on a clear night, that feeling that I get on seeing the sky is just so wonderful. Stars always inspired me hope; being so far away, yet they continue to shine despite being ignored by the world. And more importantly, all my favorite conversations were always made in the A.M. But honestly, sometimes I just go to sleep early as hell and miss all of this stuff because sleep is bae.

  • Conspiracy
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Conspiracy theories are just so interesting, like do you think aliens are real? Do unicorns exists? Well, I really love to fantasize about these. Among all i think it’s the myth/legend of the Holy Grail that intrigues me most... Oh well, life would be boring without a pinch of mystery, a bucket wouldn’t be bad either😂.

  • Eyes
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This is the last thing that I want to talk about. I’m very attracted to eyes; both people’s and animals’. There’s something quite unexplainable happening between two pair of eyes, like some kind of deep connection or something. There’s a quote “Eye contact is dangerous.” , in fact, it is. Well, this is sad because I’ve got dark brown eyes which aren’t quite attractive, however they’re very effective so I won’t complain anymore.

For a first article this is quite long😂. And excuse me for the mistakes that I probably made...Anyway, Thank you a lot for reading♥️ I hope you enjoyed it😥 If so, don’t forget to heart it☺️. Each one of your hearts means a lot to me😃. And if you have any questions or anything, you’re most welcome ✌🏼
Love you all♥️

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