(original article by @bts_celssis)

i. First Song You Heard?

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ii. Favorite Music Video?

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Boy In Luv, because I really love that bad boy concept.
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And Spine Breaker too.

iii. Best Live Performance?
There's a lot of performances that I like, but I think this is my fav because they seem like they really enjoy performing this song.

Well, this is my fav too.

iv. Bias?

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The world doesn't deserve this angel.

v. Best singer.
1. Jungkook
2. Jimin
3. Tae
4. Jin
5. Hoseok
6. Nam
7. Yoongi

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vi. Best rapper
1. Nam
2. Yoongi
3. Hoseok
4. JK
5. Jimin
6. V
7. Jin

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vii. Best Dancer
1. Hoseok
2. Jimin
3. JK
4. Tae
5. Yoongi
6. Nam
7. Jin

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viii. Song that makes you happy

*ix. Favorite cover?
Maaan, I'm in love with these both.

x. L, O, V or E version?

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The E version, they look sooooo pretty.


note: this is my first article, i enjoyed doing this, i'm gonna publish more tag articles.